Cambridge IGCSE subjects

Cambridge IGCSE subjects

IGCSE (grade 10) is a bridge to take foundation (grade 12) or pre-university (grade 13) in order for him to take Computer Science (bachelor degree) in the university. Usually people take 5 subjects and for Computer Science, Indonesian student can take the following:
1. Indonesian – Foreign Language – 0545
2. English – Second Language (9-1) – 0991
3. Information and Communication Technology – 0417
4. Computer Science (9-1) (0984)
5. Mathematics (9-1) – 0980

CS is reliant on advanced mathematics. If you have B (preferably an A) in Mathematics, you’d be better take the following too:
6. Mathematics – Additional – 0606
7. Mathematics – International – 0607

The course is heavily focused on *logic and thinking skills*, but you will definitely learn some of the basic theory about how *computers, hardware, software, and programming* work.

Just in case you want to *switch to engineering*, instead of computer science and if you still have some energy, you can take also:
8. Physics (9-1) – 0972

Di Ambil dari WAG yang di BC oleh Pak Dodik, Padepokan Margosari.

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Author: Dutria Bayu Adi / Dutria Bayu Adi